5 Reasons Why BBWs Have More Fun

5 Reasons Why BBWs Have More Fun

Plenty of men have learned to embrace the curves and now more than ever, big beautiful women are attracting the attention of men. And it’s not just BBMs either…plenty of athletic, rich and popular men are going after full-figured women and not just limiting themselves to stick thin models. Why the trend?

Part of it could be that the mainstream media has been going gaga over big girls recently. Some breakout stars in Hollywood are plus-sized, such as Queen Latifah, Carnie Wilson, Mo’Nique and Melissa McCarthy, among many others. Hollywood and even the fashion industry has embraced big girls and brought the joys of dating big beautiful women back to the forefront.

Clearly, men can see the advantages of dating beautiful women and it’s not what you think. Here are five reasons why BBWs have all the fun!

1.They are perfectly built to accommodate in bed.
Whereas skinny girls may have a hard time with rough sex while romancing a well-endowed lover, bigger girls are just the right size and guys can hit it as hard as they like. No need to worry about breaking something…BBWs can take it.

2.BBWs have less of an “Attitude” and are usually friendlier.
That means more romance, more honesty and less mind games. Skinny girls tend to have an ego and that means they immediately put the man on the defensive. Sometimes a man just wants to meet someone that treats him with respect and that can hold a good conversation. The closer the emotional bond and trust, the better sex can be!

3.BBWs are hotter.
All right, this one may be a stereotype, but in our dating experience, we’ve found that BBWs have fewer issues, fewer sexual hang-ups and are way more open-minded than women who are mainly concerned with maintaining a perfect figure and looking like Angelina Jolie. Big girls like to let the freak out because they want to hold a man’s attention and pleasure him better than any of those super model stiffs. If you really want to get experimental with a girl, you’re going to want a big girl who’s flexible and not a buzz-kill.

4.More buxom bodies.
Men these days are all about the ass and the breasts. They’re even wanting these natural curves on SKINNY women…which explains the silly trend of butt implants and breast implants. The truth is, if a guy wants natural curves he wants a BBW, not a super model stick. Bigger girls, and especially interracial black BBWs, have much more spankable and squeezable curves and they will get a man’s temperature rising in no time.

5.BBWs like to chill.
Whereas skinny girls tend to be downers when it comes to eating pizza, playing video games and drinking beer, BBWs can party like the guys. And there’s a lot to say about a girl who’s confident and fun. She can talk about Star Trek, play Halo, order Chinese and then service you in the bedroom until you beg for mercy. Sounds like a great deal to us!

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